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    SOL industry is a well-known industrial disaster rescue and recovery company of industrial equipment in Asia
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SOL is a well-known industrial disaster rescue and recovery company. SOL has companies such as SOL Semiconductor, Ocean, and VOLNO Electronics, which serves the semiconductor, medical, lithium battery, photovoltaic, CNC processing, printing, SMT, PCB, injection molding, textile and other industries.

For industrial fires, floods, spills, natural disasters and other disasters, SOL has a team of professional rescue, recovery and repair techniques. The rescue method is scientific, the system of rescue equipment is perfect and the rescue experience is experienced. Our business includes equipment and power restoration, plant rehabilitation, clean room construction, disaster rescue equipment rental and cleaning chemicals supply. SOL provides professional services to reduce property damage, restore production quickly after a disaster, and reduce business interruption losses for our clients.

For daily maintenance, our special equipment and self-developed patented potions ensure the lasting operation of our customers' equipment, including daily maintenance of equipment, equipment repair, equipment rental and supply, risk assessment, etc.

For industrial disaster recovery and daily maintenance of equipment

Over the years, with the win-win concept, SOL has followed up the post-disaster recovery projects in more than 20 cities and regions in Asia, all of which have achieved the unity of quality and safety, created value, and won the trust and appreciation of local governments and customers.

In the future, we are customer-oriented, adhere to the "integrity, innovation, service, win-win" business philosophy, in accordance with the principle of "integrity, serious work", and gradually improve the scientific recovery and maintenance of professional rescue. Minimize customer losses and provide first-class service to customers. Further enhance understanding, strengthen cooperation, and work together to create a better future.

SOL has always insisted on independent research and development to be the leader of technology
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